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Happy Family Day

Treasure Hunt or Mystery Girl is an event where participants will be given time to complete a given route. Driving direction is guided by the directions given advance, at the event. Directions usually are using the "Rally Tulips"

Multi-Camera Production. MCP.

With a program that requires a more comprehensive production. MEIL senses Camera Production PRODUCTION offer a complete service with the use of standard definition cameras or high-definition camera, along with the recorder (recoder), powerpoint and graphs, ranging from Single to Multi Camera Camera (Hi-Def) that produce better quality images .

Multi-Camera Production covers a wide range of specialization and expertise in the industry moving images. It is used in various situations such as live events, concerts, seminars, dinners, weddings and launch.  



The method has been adopted in the country - the developed countries where they use the power of the mind to more quickly understand something, accelerate healing pain, maximize the potential in its activities, contact our career was brought to a professional and it has proven successful. We combine this method with all the entertaining activities, this method can also help participants towards the formation of a more positive mind without them realizing it.  


You see magicians perform amazing magic show on TV?. Want to meet them?. No doubt most of us assume Magic is a game that uses magic, prayers and incantations or mysticism and the like. Prejudice arises because of the magic of things happened during the game or the show is not thought of by the mind at the time.  

Magic is nothing but a game of skill in performing hand movements while hiding its secrets so delicate that can confuse the eye of the beholder. Each game is certainly no secret, either the article or a very secret and can raise any oddity or mystery to the audience.  

Indera MEIL now ready to bring you directly to your magician misleading expert and skilled in your eyes for any occasion and event.  



Pulau Kapas, Terengganu

Island Cotton is the answer for all the question lingering in your mind. Many are still wondering and loose looking beautiful islands of forest, fresh, natural, clear blue waters, beaches and coral reefs that attract colorful. Located in Marang district, which is about 18 km from Kuala Terengganu and six kilometers from Marang Jetty, Pulau Kapas the closest resort island to the mainland Terengganu.  


Angklung is a musical instrument made ​​of bamboo in idiofon category. It usually consists of two to four tubes that attach to the frame called 'shelf'. Angklung usually vibrated so that it clashes between the two parts. Angklung not beaten but it produces sound when the second part of this musical bump when it vibrated.

How is it played? Angklung not beaten but it produces sound when the second part of this musical bump when it vibrated.  



Tropical Forest Park where the concept of chalets built in open woodland garden. And various forms and features of the chalet has been designed based on the structural nature and modern. 4km from Hulu Langat town by road Hulu Langat, 15km from the city of Kuala Lumpur and belatarkan with forest green carpeting, rivers provide water sources, hills and mountains erect strong mesmerizing eyes.


We provide amenities / Use

Accommodation, food, public address system, karaoke, rest area. activities and sports equipment, river, prayer.  


Cultural heritage and ethnic diversity in Malaysia is most prominently on the type of music and dance here. Malay folk dance, as well as a number of Aboriginal tribes in Sabah and Sarawak are really exotic and captivating. After a long time the Chinese, Indians and Portuguese settled in Malaysia, the traditional dances of their homelands became part of the heritage and culture of Malaysia. MEIL Indaera been offering attractive packages to variations in your councils either to the opening, company dinner, launch, marriage and so on.


We are suppliers of conventional tent, using aluminum frame and PVC coated polyester double cloth of high quality textiles at waterproof and tough on the flame with Marque Tent, also able to withstand a maximum wind speed 100kmj. The diversity of our products have reached the standard of similar products abroad. No less important to protect against the sun's harmful UV rays. Suitable widely used for activities: parties, exhibitions, weddings, commercial, festivals, sporting events, etc..

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