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Who creates these Meil Indera?


Mael. His experience covers a variety of things work in tandem with production Events management work from A to Z. Mael has also become a graphic designer and decoration of the hall, stage and the equipment teknikel more than 20 years.


Ismail Rashid (Mael) has more than
15 years experience in event. 


We are ready to assist you with using the 5 senses (sight, taste, hearing, smell & touch) to create an event  not forgotten in a long time. To ensure the success of your event, we require basic information including:  

• Date of event

• Location of event (planned or desired)

• Number of guests

• Style of event (formal, casual, themed, etc.)

• Type of event (party, meeting, wedding, etc.)

• Event schedule/plans  

Group members MEIL Indera also has extensive experience 10+ years in event planning and enjoy consulting with clients and planning the event. We will customize your event including the menu, all the decorations, music, technical and more to create the right atmosphere for your event. All this will be done on a budget "corresponds to your budget." Decoration create the perfect atmosphere. Indera MEIL staff mix design creativity and originality to create the right environment for your event. Whether it is a black tie affair, casual reception, wedding anniversary or just a fun themed party, we will take appropriate decorative design for your event. Fresh flowers and fake, props and even gift baskets are just a few types of decorative concept that will "set the stage" for your guests.

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