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Welcome to Meil Indera

We all have memories of events. Memories scanned through the five senses. ... sight ... a smell, sense (food) ... touch and sound (music) .. The most important thing to create a large and beautiful memories is through family and friends with the senses. MEIL INDERA trying to fulfill your mission to create wonderful memories. Therefore, we take seriously the responsibility of providing the best service from A to Z, customers and your guests. We are ready to help you in any business event in event management, whether casual or corporate.  

About Meil Indera

Our Mission 

Our mission is to create cherished memories. Meil Indera produces: Grand Openings, Conventions, Trade Shows, weddings, Annual Dinner, Galas Dinner, Award Presentations, Cocktail Parties, Street Fairs and Product launches, through our services of planning, coordinating, and decorating.  We start by consulting with you to identify your style and vision for your event.  Your event will be customized to your needs based on size, type of event, and budget.


Our Vision   

Our visions are to make customers feel satisfied, excited and created beautiful memory that cannot be forgotten along our services start from early planning until completion ceremony and  we will ensure that each stage of ceremony will stimulate the five senses of customers that is, the eyes will look ceremony of rousing, the ears will hear beautiful songs which will enhance the customer's spirit, the nose will smell the delicious food, the tongue will taste delicious food, specialized brought from the experienced cooks and hands will touch the beautiful and attractive decoration  

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